List of oncological diseases with which they work in the Center

Mammary cancer
Malignant tumors of upper and lower extremities
Malignant tumors of the uterus and ovaries
Malignant tumors and metastases of the liver, pancreas
Adenocarcinoma of the prostate
Malignant thyroid tumors
Tumors of the brain
Cancer of the stomach and large intestine
Malignant lung involvement
States after chemotherapy and radiation therapy
Preparing for surgical interventions

Description of the medical equipment of the offices of selective chronophototherapy with the prospects of development.

The equipment is based on the laser apparatus ALCHT-ELOMED, ​​registered in ROSZDRAVNADZOR RF and having registration certificate No. FSR 2012/13008, as well as the declaration of conformity.
Structurally, the equipment consists of:
• Laser module with a power of 2 W and a wavelength of 662 nm.
• A quantum irradiator with a power of at least 12 W and an average wavelength of 660 nm, in the center of which a video camera with an optical filter for observing fluorescence is installed. In addition, a channel is installed in the irradiator to transmit laser radiation to the central radiation zone.
• Control unit for the laser module and the irradiator with the radiation parameters set on the LCD display.
• Pulse and respiratory sensors for the patient.
• Tripod with 3 degrees of freedom

IHFT Cabinet

IHFT procedure

A distinctive feature of the equipment is the presence of biological feedback of laser equipment with patients in the process of treatment.
Data for feedback are data on the pulse and breathing of the patient, processed according to the algorithm proposed by DS Zaguskin. The application of this method allows to significantly increase the penetration depth of laser radiation, which is confirmed by clinical experience in the treatment of patients with various pathologies.
Radiation parameters are determined by a technique developed by Dr. Borisov VA.

It seems promising in the development of this equipment - is the creation of an installation with selective chronophototherapy, working in an automated mode.
To do this, it is proposed to improve existing equipment:
• Create hardware digital topology of the investigated areas on the basis of fluorescence analysis. At the same time, an amplitude method is proposed for the accuracy of the fluorescence measurement, which is improved by the normalization of the fluorescent signal.
• Locally influence laser radiation using the obtained digital topology in 1, automatically selecting the dose of laser radiation, depending on the fluorescence analysis data.

It is assumed that the creation of this equipment will not create additional overheating of the biotissue, which in turn will allow localizing the laser radiation power, that is, it will additionally increase the penetration depth of laser radiation, which is very important for the chronophototherapy method.

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