List of services provided in the Center

Correction of psychotic diseases
Immunity - a protective system of the body, consisting of structural and functional elements, protection at the cellular level. In other words, it is a fortress (immune organs) with a gate, through which one can go out and enter with the permission of the commander in chief (the nervous system). If the commander-in-chief is tired, distracted, confused something, hostile visitors (viruses, bacteria, etc.) can enter the city, so that psychotherapy can be used to restore immunity, restoring the ability to defend, and to live comfortably.
In the International Classification of Diseases, adopted by the World Health Organization in the section of psychosomatics, immunosuppression is considered as a process associated with stress (disturbances, experiences, etc.) and is subject to psychotherapy.
According to the data of pathological physiology in particular, according to Hans Selye (who studied stress reactions for 30 years), the function of the thymus gland and adrenal glands, which actively participate in the adaptation reaction (adaptation to circumstances) and in the immune response, necessarily weakens in the triad of stress.
Psychotherapy promotes a quick and purposeful exit from a stressful reaction, and a regular restoration of immunity.

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