Our Friend and Patient - Artem Mikhailovich Tarasov - passed away. Blessed memory of a wonderful Man!

Our Friend and Patient - Artem Mikhailovich Tarasov - passed away. Blessed memory of a wonderful Man!
     The media is exaggerating the false information about the doctor who offered "incomprehensible" treatment, which specialists - oncologists from well-known health institutions assess skeptically.
     Our duty to Artem Mikhailovich to give truthful information. In 2010, he was diagnosed with cancer. Of all the proposed methods of treatment, Artem Mikhailovich chose Dr. Borisov's technologies, which are based on interdisciplinary achievements of Russian scientists and are aimed at normalizing immunity. It should be noted that these technologies by domestic experts from leading centers were criticized, until 2016, when immunotherapy in Russia became the main trend in the development of oncology.
     Artem Mikhailovich was not mistaken, preferring technology and the team of Viktor Aleksandrovich Borisov for joint struggle against a serious illness and never regretted the choice.
      From 2010 to 2014 Artem Mikhailovich repeatedly conducted courses of immunocorrection and rehabilitation in the clinic and felt good, and since 2014, due to his well-being and lack of complaints about his health, the center did not apply for medical help. He became one of many patients from 50 countries who believed Victor Aleksandrovich and successfully overcame all the vicissitudes of a serious illness and came out victorious.
     Artem Mikhailovich was an active advocate of applying the unique technologies of Dr. Borisov, known throughout the world and competitive in global health. In the media, always and everywhere, he thanked Victor Alexandrovich and recommended everyone who, for one reason or another, could not help, go to the Center for Immunocorrection and Rehabilitation of Dr. Borisov.
     July 4, 2017 Victor Alexandrovich congratulated Artem Mikhailovich on his birthday. We discussed joint plans. Victor Alexandrovich went to Germany for patients ....
     Center for immunocorrection and rehabilitation of Dr. Borisov, in the name of the bright memory of A.M. Tarasova, will continue work on introducing into the practical healthcare technologies of domestic scientists in the field of immunotherapy, vaccine therapy and PDT of cancer of various localizations. Together we will overcome any disease.

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