he techniques used in Dr. Borisov Rehabilitation Center.

One of the most difficult problems in modern medicine is IMMUNOCORRECTION REHABILITATION AND CANCER PATIENTS. This concept is embedded prevention of complications, prevention of recurrence of the disease and, ultimately, the patient's health recovery. The Center Dr. Borisova created an original method of working with cancer patients undergoing surgical, radiation or himiolechenie.

The method - the use of the original equipment for the election hronofototerapii (IHFT). This is the latest laser technology that enables to reduce the risk of recurrence.

When applied to a patient IHFT introduce a special light-sensitive drug - photosensitizer. This preparation advantageously tends to accumulate in pathological tissues. Next, laser light is irradiated tumor strictly defined wavelength. The interaction of the laser light and the photosensitizer singlet oxygen is released, that destroys cancer cells. Healthy cells are exposed to virtually no exposed.

The interaction of laser light and photosensitizer arises another effect - fluorescence fabrics with a high content of the photosensitizer.

Borisova method allows the doctor to act on tumor cells not only on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, but also in large depth of parenchymatous organs such as liver or brain.

Good results were obtained when tumors rehabilitation liver and pancreas, uterus and ovaries, prostate, thyroid, brain tumors. Successfully rehabilitated several patients with sarcomas of various localization.

Effectively performed reconstructive rehabilitation in operated patients, including those with metastasis.

The terminal condition of the patient, ascites, pleural effusion, or a large tumor, causing a complication of the disease (including such as obstruction, bleeding, respiratory failure, etc.) require prior preparation of the patient for the course IHFT. The impossibility of a full course of rehabilitation, without prior preparation, in these cases are related to the general decline in the patient's life force or severe intoxication, resulting from the collapse of the tumor.

For effective prevention of a number of diseases, Dr. Borisov Center to implement integrated wellness techniques, to get rid of a number of diseases, including chronic and cancer.