Rehabilitation Center and Dr. Borisov immune.

More than 45 years of experience and research.

The original method of Dr. Borisov, based on a selective hronofototerapii allows for rehabilitation of patients with deep-seated tumors and metastases, and allows us to achieve unique results in the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone surgical, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, reduces the rate of complications and the risk of recurrence of the disease.

The unique equipment created at the Centre Dr. Borisov, can significantly improve the immune system. And of course, the most important area in the work of the Centre is the rehabilitation of cancer patients.

The basis of the principles of restoration techniques of modern system of Dr. Borisov Rehabilitation Center lie. Clinical medicine has learned to cope well with a number of serious illnesses, but after the elimination of or compensation for the disease before the patient becomes restore health problem. A healthy body is seen as a system with a high level of order, as the harmony of living biorhythms, such as respiration rate, heart rate. Violation of a rhythm (desynchronosis) leads to the development of the disease.

Rebuilding harmony of biorhythms - biohronoterapii method - is one of the original Dr. Borisov recovery techniques. In combination with manual therapy, osteopathy and hirudotherapy biohronoterapii method allows for effective rehabilitation of diseases such as spinal injury, paresis and paralysis of traumatic etiology of cerebral palsy, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, migraine), a number of gynecological diseases and others.

Another focus of the center is a rehabilitation therapy of diseases associated with immune deficiencies. Numerous stress caused by unfavorable environment, increased neuro-emotional stress, as well as existing in a human chronic diseases lead to disturbances in the immune system, and as a consequence, the emergence of new serious diseases, including cancer.


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