As a patient "with experience", I can share information about the methods of complete cure, alternative surgical. Since childhood, suffering from rheumatism and all sorts of complications, besides having discovered in my youth problems "like a woman", I was early faced with the threat of surgical intervention in my body. However, being a graduate student, I decided to approach the issue from a scientific point of view: are there other, more humane ways of treatment?
The result of my search was not immediately successful, but as early as the 90s I managed to get rid of years of sciatica and then of myoma of the uterus by the method of bioresonance therapy. In those years, few believed in "alternative" medicine, but I've been engaged in alternative pedagogy all my life, so I immediately realized that we are like-minded people. In the years 2000-2005, The method of bioresonance therapy helped my daughter to "quickly" deal with gastroduodenitis (obtained by mass poisoning of children with school breakfast), and later restore the mobility of the hand after fracture. So I checked on myself and my child the way of treating illnesses by affecting the biorhythms of the body cells.
The medical science did not stand still, and the next stage scientists found out that the effect on the cells should be synchronous, i.e. Simultaneous with the period of blood filling the vessels - just at the time of inspiration, and in the exhalation phase, this effect is useless. So there was a new method - biochronotherapy. Further studies have shown that the method of biochronic therapy successfully comes into resonance with another - photodynamic. In this case, the term "resonance" means the effect of their mutual reinforcement, synergy, arising from the combination of the two methods. Synthesis of the two methods was carried out for the first time in the world practice by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Viktor Aleksandrovich Borisov, and this unique method of treatment in our country can be obtained only in the Moscow Medical Center. Borisova.
Please note that these are not my guesses or assumptions - I am a scientific worker, but a pure humanist, I do arts pedagogy, and I hated chemistry at school. The information summarized here is contained in the scientific work of S.L. Zaguskin "Cell Rhythms and Human Health" (2010). It was especially pleasant for me to read about the fact that Professor V.A. Borisov was elected a member of the German Medical Society - it turns out that in the course of his entire history such honor was awarded only to Academicians I.P. Pavlov and V.M. Bechterew.
With the characteristic VA. Borisov modesty, the author of the method of photodynamic therapy, the doctor politely calls the American Schneider, proudly talks about the development of our compatriots - the chlorine E-6. It is this drug that "sick" cells are fed here, so that they later self-destruct, under the action of ultraviolet rays.
In fact, Professor VA. Borisov made a real breakthrough in science when he synthesized the achievements of predecessor scientists in his personal invention - the method of selective chronophototherapy. I am convinced that this method will eventually win the competition with surgery. I sincerely congratulate all of you: we, the earthlings of the 21st century, have waited for this breakthrough and now we really have a choice: a scalpel or several treatment sessions at the Borisov Medical Center, next to the Mayakovskaya metro station.
The choice of the first option, first of all, does not guarantee the reappearance of what was removed (fibroids, cysts, etc.), and, as a rule, in the same place. The decision to completely amputate the problem body in principle is not always "compatible with life," and in any case also involves a risk: the consequences are unpredictable. I remember that in the middle of the 20th century some young people easily parted with a diseased tooth, just not to treat it with the then "barbaric" method (I suggest that the older generation recall the sound of a Soviet drill that looked like a drill). Today, many of my peers, with age accumulated wisdom, sincerely regret it.
The results of Borisov's method for me personally, the patient of his Center, are convincing, because they were obtained on "my own skin" - in the treatment of polycystosis. Particular attention should be paid to the atmosphere created by the leader and a friendly team of the Borisov Center's employees: everything is unique there, all individuals - both doctors and clients! For example, where, in which clinic will you be allowed to come any day and at a convenient time for you? It would seem that such spontaneity in the schedule of visits must inevitably lead to the formation of a queue, but it does not happen! Paradoxically, but the fact is - I never had to wait for more than 15 minutes.
And most importantly, they will not educate you there (yes, I know perfectly well that smoking is harmful, I myself can give a lecture on this topic - but I still will not give up). No officialdom, to all - only benevolence and offer of help. The case before my eyes: on the threshold of a young woman with an eight-year-old child in arms (Cerebral Palsy) - Alexander Viktorovich Borisov, seeing her, he runs up, picks up the boy and brings to the office to the treating doctor for a procedure.Mom can safely undress and go to the office.

Now the main thing that worries absolutely everyone: in the soul of each of us has long lodged the fear of getting sick of the "plague" of our century. Doctors cynically joke that every person should die of cancer, but not everyone lives up to him. At the same time, the main role of immunity in the fight against any disease has long been universally recognized and widely known. Why are we - so smart, modern, civilized - so lightly and submissively waiting for "our time", not caring about the state of the immune system of the body, the unique and unique in every person?
But the method of A.V. Borisova is able to protect any of us in advance, even before any malfunctions occur in the body, simply to prevent a decrease in the level of immunity activity, and if necessary, strengthen it. And then the "harmful" cells in the fight against "useful" will always be doomed to failure. Honestly, my fear has disappeared, because I know where to run - to the Center VA. Borisova.
Dr. Borisov knows the mechanism of this main protector of the body, so he immediately tests the blood. To frighten results of analyzes does not make sense, because every inhabitant of a megacity has a full set of microbes, viruses, allergens, etc. in the blood. Then comes the stage of antiviral prophylaxis. If the immune parameters of the blood are good, this stage can be limited. However, most of us can not boast of good health, and here you will be offered a course of treatment aimed at increasing your body's strengths, which is able to cope with any problem, but only if the immunity is in order.

With a low bow and huge gratitude
To Dr. VA Borisov and his colleagues,

Cand. Ped. E.A. Koryazhkina.